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About Julianas

Teacup, nano, pixie, dandy, micro mini pigs. . . when you are looking for mini pigs for sale why do miniature pet pigs have so many names?

Micropigs, teacup pigs, nano pigs, toy pigs and micro-mini pigs, ARE NOT A BREED. . .

These are words used to describe mixed breed miniatures.  They can include Julianas, Kune Kunes, Feral Pigs, and most commonly, Pot Bellied Pigs.   But they are not a breed.

Do not be fooled, reputable breeders that are members of the AMPA and MPB do not use these misleading terms!

See the breed standard on our "About Juliana's" page for more info.

Always spotted, surprisingly smart and amazingly loyal

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What are Teacup Micro Mini Pigs?

Click HERE to see what the American Miniature Pig Association has to say about Lil' Smokies Julianas!

True, registered Julianas are incredibly rare and are ALWAYS spotted.  If you want to know for sure that you are getting is the smallest possible pet pig, what should you do?