Because these animals are so smart, they have a tendency to get bored and to be mischievous.  They will learn how to open your cabinets faster than a toddler, so there will be some pig-proofing that will be necessary.  It is also important that you feed them according to directions on the bag of feed specially formulated for mini pigs.  Overfeeding them will result in an obese animal and they are notorious beggars.

Click here for a great article about pig enrichment activities.

Click here for a great article about Spoiled Pig Syndrome which occurs when a pig trains it's owner (instead of the other way around!)

It will be necessary for you to spay or neuter your pig if you want it to be a house pet.  (Which is why ours come to you already spayed or neutered).  They use urine to attract the opposite gender when unaltered and females can become moody when in heat.  Spayed and neutered animals do not display this negative behavior.

Also, because they are such loyal and loving creatures they will be brokenhearted if you need to re-home them.  So please, please, please consider the commitment in purchasing one of these sweet babies.

The Downside

Pigs are AMAZING animals and FABULOUS pets, but they are not for everyone.  They can live to be 15-20 years old and are very fast learners.  They are easy to housebreak, they can do more tricks than any dog you've ever seen, and they are very clean.  Also, because they have hair instead of fur they are hypoallergenic.

More importantly than size, Julianas are bred for disposition.  These sweet and loving creatures are bred to be companions and are great with people and other pets.   Many people take their Julianas in the car, snuggle with them on the couch, and even dress them up!  They will use a doggie door, litter box, or both.

Is A Miniature Pet Pig The Right Pet For Me?

There are 3 places you can research breeders: - If a breeder is not listed here, they are not raising registered Julianas - Is a breed registry for all types of mini pigs.   They screen potential breeders and accept only ethical breeders

​​When you are looking for a baby pig for sale how do you know what you're getting? 

According to the Official Breed Standard for mini Juliana pigs found at  A true Juliana is "always spotted the base color can be silver, white, red, rust, black, or cream.  Spots are generally black but can also be red or white..."

The Juliana Pig registry also has weight and height limits making them the smallest registered breed of pet pigs

** Please note, there is not a breed of pig that stays 10, 15 or 20 pounds in adulthood.   Pigs grow until they are 3 to 5 years old.  If someone is telling you that they have adults, or expect adults to stay "micro" or "teacup" sized, do yourself a favor. . . ask to see their adults, over 3 years old, IN PERSON.  (Pictures are not a reliable way to judge size) 

This would be a very rare pig and not something any breeder in the United States is able to produce consistently.  People are misled every day by breeders who are either misinformed or not truthful.  A 30 pound adult pig could be suffering from dwarfism (which is very rare and causes many health problems), or is being deprived of food!  Miniature pigs are GREAT PETS, but any breeder saying they will stay 15 pounds is not being truthful with you.  Ask to see adults pigs in person, and know if they are under 3 years old, they are still growing

Breed Standard for Juliana Miniature Pet Pigs

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Registered Juliana Miniature Pet Pigs