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Just change the quantity to the number of nights your pig will be staying with us.

​(After confirming availability with us via phone, email, text or Facebook message)

Pig Boarding

Pet Pig Boarding

Space is limited, please call or email to check availability and to schedule

(602) 663-8486


What do I do with my pet pig when I go out of town?

It's a common question, and a true concern with piggy parents.  That's why we have decided to open up our "Pig Palace" for short-term pig boarding!  Your baby will be treated like family while you are away!

$40 per night, up to 10 nights

$35 per night, 11 - 30 consecutive nights

We currently do not offer boarding over 30 days

All piggies must be under 100 pounds.  We love big pigs, but we don't have a suitable place to keep them.

We provide a heated and air conditioned room, complete with TV and doggie door to private outdoor run, and belly rubs.  You provide food and favorite items from home such as a favorite bed or toy.