Lucy was born in November of 2010.  She has been a wonderful mama, but is now retired from our breeding program and is spayed.  She walks on a harness, jumps on the couch, and is a very brave and social pig.  She is a more dominant personality which makes her very confident and social.  She is not fearful at all.  In fact, Lucy would make a great guard pig!  She is very respectful of her owners, but will intimidate and challenge strangers.  She is not recommended for a first time pig owner, but would make a great addition for an experienced pig person.  If you are looking for a personal protection pig, Lucy is your girl!

Biscuit was born here 4/1/17 to parents Lucy and Smoky.  She recently lost her home and is feeling sad and homesick.  She needs a stable forever home that can be patient with her while she warms up again.  She also really loves having other pigs for companions and would do best in a home that already has another pig or with a family willing to adopt 2 pigs.

Pumpkin was born 8/22/16.  She has rare, crystal blue eyes and is as sweet as she can be.  She was raised inside out our home with our kids and dogs and as a result has the kindest personality you could ever hope for.  She loves belly rubs and wants to be with you all the time.  She would've been a great mama and would've had perfect babies, but she is infertile.  So she deserved a really great forever pet home.  She is not yet spayed, and for her long term health and for her suitability as a pet, you will be required to sign a spay contract with the guarantee that you will get her spayed right away at your expense.

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Jimmy Dean was born 6/12/14.  He was raised in our house with our kids and is the sweetest boy there is.  He has fathered many piglets at Lil' Smokies and has been a wonderful daddy.  But he is now retired and neutered and eligible to go to the perfect pet home.

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Each pig below has a $400 rehoming fee to great homes only!

You can come meet them in person (by appointment) to determine which pig has the best personality for your family.

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