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*Please note - you still need to pay the $200 down payment to hold your place on the waiting list.  Your first payment will be due at the time of piglet pick-up

​If you are ready to purchase your piglet we have 2 payment options.

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Available Older Pigs and Piglets:

(Please call for more information about the pigs and their re-homing fees at 602-663-8486)

Failure to make the final balance payment as agreed will result in cancellation of the purchase. The reserved piglet will be returned to available inventory and the non-refundable deposit of $200 will be forfeited. There will be no exceptions.

We do not sell breeding rights, all Juliana pig / mini pigs for sale will be spayed or neutered to insure that you are getting the best possible pet for your family.

This cute little guy was born 3/16/18 to parents Jazzabelle and Jimmy Dean.  His new owners had to make a sudden move shortly after he came home so they were not able to keep by no fault of his own.  If you think he may be the perfect fit for your family, give us a call or shoot us an email!

We ship on Delta or United airlines to your closest U.S. airport for an additional $450.  Or babies can be picked up in Queen Creek, AZ. 

Deposits are not refundable.   

Juliana Mini Pigs for Sale

If you are interested in a piglet, please click the paypal link above to pay the deposit to be placed on our waiting list. 

You will be given the opportunity to select the piglet of your choice in the order your deposit is received. 

You can always wait for the next litter if you have a specific gender or color in mind. 


If you are clicking the link below to place a deposit to be placed on our waiting list, you must be able to give a pet pig a good, lifetime home.  We do have Juliana pig / mini pigs for sale, but please consider the following before getting a pet: 

Have you researched if you are legally allowed to own a pig (checked zoning, HOA rules, get landlord permission, etc)?  Have you considered who you know that could care for your pig if you go out of town or become ill?  Will you be able to provide adequate outdoor time for you pig's happiness via fenced secure outdoor area?  Can keep your pig safe at all times from small children and other pets?  Do you have the financial means to care for you pig in a medical emergency?  Are you prepared to make a 15+ year commitment to this animal? 

If you have questions or concerns we are more than happy to help, please call (602) 663-8486 for assistance in making an informed decision about adding one of these amazing animals to your family!  And when you are ready, click the paypal link below to be added to our waiting list in the order your deposit is received.

Pork Chop and Smoky are expecting the arrival of their new babies very soon!  Babies will be offered first to the families on our waiting list.  If there are any babies available after the families on the waiting list have made their selection, they will be posted here.

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(Sorry, no shipping this summer, the airlines require temperatures to be below 85 degrees)


​If you are interested in reserving a piglet, please click the PayPal link below to make your payment.  Email with any questions.

Piglet price is $1,500

Included in the price of your piglet:

Spayed / Neutered
Vet Check and Health Certificate
Iron Boost
Pet Travel Carrier
Care Information Packet
A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Lifetime Support

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These two pigs are a bonded pair that have been together since birth.  A boy and a girl, born 4/1/17 to Lucy Lu and Smoky.  They know lots of tricks and lost their home by no fault of their own.

Some of our past babies:

​Lucy is an 8 year old female pig retiring from our breeding program looking for a forever home​

(602) 663-8486