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This is our beautiful, blue-eyed Tinkerbell.  Pigs don't get any prettier than this one!  And she's smart too!  This pig loves to do tricks for treats and will fall right over for a belly rub any time!  She was born 12/15/14 and is 17" tall.

Pictures of Adult Mini Pigs

Our favorite blue-eyed boy, Lil' Smoky!  Friendly, smart and handsome!  He passes his kind and sweet disposition to his babies.  He was born 2/18/15 and is 16" tall

Jimmy Dean is sure is a great daddy, and he makes some very handsome babies.  He was born 6/12/14 and he is 16" tall.

Meet Pork Chop.  This little lady is a talker!  When you call her name she just comes running!  She was born 11/12/13 and she is 15" tall.

Meet Jazzabelle!  She was born 11-2-12 and is 15" tall. She is just the prettiest pig there ever was!  Check out her eyes!  Sweet and shy, our beautiful Jazzabelle sure does produce some sweet and flashy piglets that are known for their great dispositions and good looks!

​Meet our newest Boar, Jagger!  Handsome and sweet with blue eyes!  What's not to love about this amazing boar!  We are so excited to add him to the Lil' Smokies family!

Pinkerton was born 9/15/15 and is 16" tall.  She is our most petite pig and is expecting her first litter!  We can't wait to see the beautiful piglets she produces!

We are very proud that all of our breeding pigs have the very rare and elite honor of being DOUBLE REGISTERED by both the Juliana Pig Association and the American Mini Pig Association!